Our Studio 707 Productions Team will gladly assist you through our extensive musical genre.... from, Hip hop to R&B, from Soft Rock, to light Jazz, from, House to Heavy Metal, fromTechno, to some smooth Country & Classical vibes. We can help you and your team to be as creative as it want to be.... We also house an extensive array of sounds, loops and plenty of analog and digital instruments in our sound library, that can help you get your creative vibe flowing and stimulate your musical palate. So even if you are a musical expert, or a hobbyist, a solo Artist or a Band, a Weekend song writer or a concerto performer, we at Studio 707 Productions can help you expand those horizons. 

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Hello &  welcome to the online home of Studio 707 Productions. Your one stop song writing assistance and recording specialist.... Studio 707 Productions was created to aid Artist with not just their recording needs, but to also assist them with.... song writing, music composing, lyrical aid, and finally recording. We can also aid you with "Bulk CD duplication and marketing"


Life's a song........

Let us help you write the melody


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